About Us

Illinois Tech Robotics is the only active extracurricular robotics club at Illinois Institute of Technology. Robotics members often volunteer with high school robotics clubs around the Chicago-land area. In the past, members of Illinois Tech Robotics have volunteered to mentored teams for the FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Robotics Competition. The members of Illinois Tech Robotics assist clubs from its start with its formation all the way to competition. It is not unusual for members to travel with teams to assist them at competitions. Part of Illinois Tech Robotics volunteering philosophy is no matter the lack of financial resources, experience, or time of the ones in need, the club will always do its best to assist those that need it.

In addition to volunteer work, the club also actively engages in personal robotic build projects and competition events. Members are free to explore their personal intellectual projects within the spectrum of robotics, and likewise fellow club members are available to assist in the achievements of individual visions within the best capacity of the club.

Professor Dennis Roberson, Vice Provost of Research at IIT and member of the FIRST Board of Directors, is one of our faculty advisors. Our other advisor is Sabrina Fesko, an Assistant Director for IIT Corporate Relations. Our advisors have been a tremendous help and a valuable addition to the team since its conception.


Read our constitution here.


President Joseph Ricker
Vice President of Philanthropy Devin Keeney
Vice President of Engineering Andrew Newman
Treasurers Clinton Ezeani & Christopher Chin
Secretary Alae Moudni
Webmaster Taylor Berg
Fundraising Chair Natalia Stroupe
Vice President of Publicity Emma Farquharson
Vice President of Education Noah Reardon
Lab Manager Will Scheffey
President Emeritus Jerry Sha

Our Awards

2008 JSDC Best Overall Design Roslund
2009 JSDC Most Creative Design (Selected by Grant Imahara!) Roslund
2010 JSDC First Place Roslund
Best Failure Fenrir
2011 JSDC First Place Roslund
Most Creative Design Colonel
(Tetsujin Walking Race)
First Place Fancypants
CARD Ground Vehicle Innovative Design Award Scalene
2012 JSDC Fourth Place Roslund
2013 IIT Pumpkin Launch 1st Place for Accuracy Mach 1
Crowd Favorite Dirty Winches
2014 JSDC Demolition Round Winner Goliath
IIT Pumpkin Launch 1st Place for Distance Mach 2
2nd Place for Accuracy
Crowd Favorite
2015 JSDC Demolition Round Winner Goliath
IIT Pumpkin Launch 1st Place for Distance Mach 3
2nd Place for Accuracy
2016 MRDC First Place Goliath
IIT Pumpkin Launch 1st Place for Distance Mach 4
2018 MRDC Demolition Round Winner Goliath
Demolition Round Runner-up Fenrir
Roslund with 2011 First Place Plaque